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This is the first installment of the Disclaimer.Control Library. The Classic Calendar is a basic calendar that allows for most of the same functionality as the default calendar that comes with Silverlight; however, I have added the ability to display "blackout/selected" days in a display mode that allows for half day selections. This list of options are dependency properties on the ucCalendar control. They allow the user to specify how the calendar will behave to the end user.

Classic Calendar Options:

  • Selection: Allows user to select dates on the calendar. Raises event with dates selected.
  • Display: Displays pre-determined dates in a "reservation" style maner. Does not allow the user to interact with calendar.
  • Single: Allows user to select a single date on the calendar and raises an event with the selected date.
  • Multiple: Allows user to select a range of dates by selecting one date and dragging cursor to desired end/start date.
  • Month: Display all days in a month plus the end of the previous month and the beginning of the next month
  • Year: Display all months in a year
  • Decade: Display a range of 12 years. The current year - 1 through current year + 10.
  • Century: Display a range of 100 years. 12 instances of the decade view.
AnimationType: (still in development)
  • None: (default) No animation applied.
  • Default: Basic animation applied to DateView navigation.
  • True: Allows user to navigate in the Month DateView.
  • False: Turns off the ability to navigate in the Month DateView.

Display Calendar:

Selection Calendar:
Selection Century Selection Decade Selection Year Selection Month
CC_CenturyView.png CC_DecadeView.png CC_YearView.png CC_MonthView.png

Selection Month Single Selection Month Multiple
CC_MonthView_Selection_Single.png CC_MonthView_Selection_Multiple.png

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