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I had a problem where the default Silverlight Calendar control did not allow for complete customization on day values so I created one. This creation has lead into a full fledge control library. I have added several different calendar views and some other controls.

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If you like what you see please start a discussion on review/rate the application. This way it will raise the awareness of the application to more communities and threads. Tell your friends/co-workers about the application. The more people looking and thinking about this product the better in the long run it will become.

I am not a graphic artist by no means and if anyone with an eye for graphics would like to help out with the control please let me know. I could really use the help to overcome the "Programmers Design" touch that seems to overwelm this app.

For those of you who check this site often for updates I have decided to continue working on this project and posting code onto codeplex; however, since resources are short and time is limited I am asking for donations to continue the efforts on this project. There has been a lot of downloads for this project and I greatly appreciate the kind words and comments. I hope my project inspires people enough to keep this project alive. If you do decide to use this library in another piece of work, or alter the library in any way, if you dont mind I would love to see screen shots and examples of how the work was use and interpreted. I am interested in how people are conveying what the library can do and how it works. It will also let me know how I should make future upgrades/enhancments to the control. I can custom taylor make this control to fit anyone's needs, but you have to let me know how you are using it so I can fit it that way.




Library Contents:

Classic Calendar

Classic Calendar Extended

Date Picker

Outlook Scheduler

Day Calendar

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